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[Report 27] Parents, Friends, Social Media or Ads: What infuences youth purchase decisions?




Youth purchase decisions are influenced by a various factors - what their friends say, what their parents think, what’s viral on social media and what celebrities are talking about. Which are the key factors that mobile brands should pay attention to? How can this knowledge be used to develop and measure marketing efforts for mobile handset and operator brands? This briefing looks at the following questions relevant to mobile and youth brands:

1. Who are they key influencers of youth mobile purchase decision?
2. Where does influence happen?
3. What can brands do to leverage youth influence dynamics?


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Table of Contents

1.   Cover
2.   Licensing and Copyrights
3.   In this briefing
4.   Executive Summary
5.   Section 1. Key Influencers of Purchase Decision
6.   Youth purchase decisions are most influenced by members of real life social networks
7.   Paid media advertising negatively influences youth purchase decisions
8.   Parental influence lessens and peer influence increases as young people grow older
9.   Section 2. Online vs Offline Influence
10. Youth influence happens in offline destinations
11. Online platforms influence youth who are active participants of online communities
12. Offline influencers affect offline purchase decisions, while online platforms are key to online shopping
13. Section 3. Influence is marketing
14. Influence marketing : Help young customers move from Discovery to Action
15. Retail stores as social spaces for youth to discover, educate and purchase
16. Measure influence using earned media metrics, not ROI
17. More Insights.

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