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[Report 28] Why should mobile brands focus on customer service?




We live in age of service. Customer service is no longer a necessary evil that should be outsourced to lower costs. It is a powerful channel to directly interact with young customers and turn them into advocates. Customer service is the engine on which marketing runs and delivers the business results that drive revenues and margins. This briefing answers the following questions relevant to youth and customer service:

1. Why should mobile brands focus on customer service?
2. What customer service do youth prefer - online or offline?
3. How can mobile brands provide optimal customer service to young people?


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Table of Contents

1.   Cover
2.   Licensing and Copyrights
3.   In this briefing
4.   Executive summary
5.   Section 1. Customer service is marketing
6.   Customer service is a key touchpoint for mobile brands
7.   Poor customer service leads to subscriber churn
8.   O2 UK lowered its churn rate by providing effective customer service
9.   Customer service is the most effective generator of word of mouth
10. Section 2. Online vs offline customer service
11. In store customer service is the preferred method across all age groups
12. Apple provides excellent customer service via Genius Bar at every retail store
13. O2 UK reduced complaints with above average service at its retail outlets
14. Youth use online customer service to connect with other customers
15. Section 3. Evolution of customer service
16. Evolution of customer service
17. Business impact of peer-to-peer customer service
18. Verizon uses online peer-to-peer customer support to reduce churn
19. GiffGaff: Using online peer-to-peer community to drive recommendations
20. More Insights

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