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[Report 29] What metrics should mobile brands use to measure marketing?




As marketing budgets increase, there is an increasing need to review the metrics used by mobile brands in measuring the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Is it enough to measure brand awareness and recall before and after a campaign to deem the campaign a success? Are the existing metrics there to pat each other on the back or to guide overall business strategy? This briefing answers the following questions relevant to mobile brands and metrics:

1. Why should mobile brands pay attention to the metrics they use?
2. What are the qualities of an effective marketing metric?
3. How can mobile brands apply metrics to everyday business operations? 



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Table of Contents

1.   Cover
2.   Licensing and Copyrights
3.   In this briefing
4.   Executive summary
5.   Section 1. What gets measured, gets done
6.   Success is defined by brand’s choice of metric - Market share vs Profit share
7.   Measure behavior (recommendation) to drive success (profit)
8.   Behavior is best measured with earned media metrics
9.   Section 2. Paid vs Earned media metrics
10. 3 key traits of effective marketing metrics
11. Earned media metrics help identify specific Fan segments
12. Earned media metrics predict customer’s future purchase behavior
13. Section 3. Create a feedback system for metrics
14. Metrics should be measured at the point of interaction - retail, events etc
15. An NPS feedback system for retail stores
16. Feedback system improves retail NPS and sales
17. More Insights

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