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[Report 10] HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony & ZTE: How can they beat Apple & Samsung?




Samsung and Apple have emerged are the new leaders in the mobile industry replacing legacy brands like Nokia, Sony, Motorola and RIM. The growth of smartphone has allowed new players like HTC, ZTE, LG and Huawei to grab a slice of the market as well. But the big question for all brands remains the same: How do you beat Apple and Samsung? This briefing explores the following key questions relevant to handset brands:

1. What should handset brands focus on? Product mix or customer segments?
2. What is the one key factor that drives youth handset purchase and how can brands measure it?
3. What success metric links marketing to profits and can be used to track progress made by handset brands? 


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Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Licensing and Copyrights
  3. In this briefing
  4. Executive summary
  5. HTC focused on diversifying its product portfolio instead of nurturing its young Fans
  6. HTC started losing relevance among youth when Samsung and Apple announced new handsets
  7. Online consumer interest in HTC dropped by 60% in the 6 months following the launch of iPhone 4S
  8. HTC has Fans among its existing customers
  9. First time smartphone buyers prefer an Android phone over other smartphones
  10. Android handsets can tap the Android Fan community to nurture their own Fans
  11. Word-of-mouth drives mobile handset purchase
  12. Fans are responsible for the majority of a mobile brand’s word-of-mouth
  13. Mobile brands can identify their Fans & measure word-of-mouth using SMART Index
  14. Motorola’s most vocal Fans are male students
  15. Motorola can tap the Android developer community to recruit its Fans among male developers
  16. Sony’s most vocal Fans are female students
  17. Sony can recruit Fans by empowering female students with skills instead of pink products
  18. Word-of-mouth measured by SMART Index directly co-relates with industry profit shares
  19. Company profit shares reveal Apple and Samsung lead the global mobile industry
  20. Market shares are ineffective metrics to measure success in the mobile handset industry
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