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[Report 17] Mobile Music: How can operators build a successful music offering for young customers?




Youth spend more time listening to music than playing video games or browsing the internet. Increasingly, youth music consumption has shifted to their mobile phones as iTunes and a plethora of music apps offer a richer, more interactive music experience. What is the revenue opportunity for mobile operators from music and how do they successfully build a music offering for their young customers? This briefing explores the following key questions relevant to mobile operators looking to build a music offering for youth:

1. Why should operators consider music in targeting the youth market?
2. What are the revenue opportunities for operators from mobile music?
3. What are youth music need gaps and how can mobile operators address them?


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Table of Contents

1.   Cover
2.   Licensing and Copyrights
3.   In this briefing
4.   Executive summary
5.   Music is a key component of young people’s everyday media consumption
6.   Listening to music is a passive activity for youth
7.   YouTube, Radio & iTunes are top teen destinations to listen to music
8.   Listening to music is among the top 3 mobile phone activities for young people
9.   Mobile music usage surpasses mobile gaming
10. Largest growth in music revenues in the last year has come from mobile purchases
11. Song downloads and subscription revenue outpace revenue from ringtones and ringback tones
12. Revenue from downloads or subscription service is greater than ad revenue from free music services
13. 21-24 year olds are most likely to purchase music over their mobile phones, followed by 25-29 year olds
14. Case Study: Muve Music by Cricket removes payment barrier for teenagers to access music
15. Mobile music app usage is on the rise
16. Youth are most likely to pay for gaming & music apps
17. Mobile music streaming apps & services are highly fragmented & localized across markets
18. Youth seek apps that help them discover new music
19. Youth spend time on YouTube and listening to radio to discover new music
20. Case Study: O2 UK nurtured a music strategy in last 10 years instead of launching sporadic music campaigns
21. Need more insights and data? 

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